I created this brochure for Rosemary Beach. Rosemary Beach is one of my favorite places to go. I visit there every summer with my family and it will always be one of my favorite vacation spots. I created this brochure as a vacation guide to Rosemary Beach. I started this project by choosing a three-fold design with two printable sides.

Slide 1 is the inside of the brochure. The inside holds all of the information a traveler would need to know about Rosemary Beach.. The first panel has a short overview of the shopping and restaurants located in the town of Rosemary Beach. The town of Rosemary is what makes Rosemary Beach unique, so I made a panel on the town only. The second panel is about the beachfront view and luxurious rentals. Rosemary is famous for the crystal blue waters and white sand beaches, as well as luxurious places to stay. I added pictures to the last fold to focus on the beauty of Rosemary. Even though the pictures do not truly capture Rosemary's beauty, I added a picture of the beach and the Pearl Hotel to add visuals to this brochure.

Slide 2 is the outside of the brochure. The outside of the brochure is important to attract attention. I kept the outside simple by only adding photos with very little text. The first fold, I added a picture of an umbrella on the beach to capture the beauty of the beaches. The second fold has the Rosemary Beach logo along with the website and contact number. Once it is folded, the last fold is considered the back of the brochure. I added three beautiful pictures of Rosemary Beach along with the logo at the bottom.


  • + Skill:Adobe InDesign
  • + Class: Style and Design
  • + Date: Fall 2017
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